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We deal with the distribution of a wide range of products. We are official distributors of the best wood pellet in Europe. We own lorries so we can handle the distribution throughout Europe. We provide fast delivery to any European country.

About Ruslana Sytnyk

We focus on quality

For the sake of excellence in our services, we have set up and used numerous quality control systems. We have developed and implemented due diligence system procedures. We are a distribution company that obtains its supplies mainly from the best wood processors and their derivatives by European regulations.

Why choose us?

    As a certified supplier, we offer the highest quality Charcoal, FireWood, Pallets, Wood Briquettes, Wood Chips, Wood Pellets and Wood Shavings from carefully selected producers. In addition, we ensure fast order processing and timely delivery of goods.
    We advise our customers on product details, and deliveries and help them choose pellets that fit their needs.
    We deliver our pellets to 27 European countries always on time to make sure all of our customers will get their order before the heating season.
    We speak English, Polish, French, Italian and Dutch as Benelux countries are a significant part of our market. We also offer a personalized service according to customer requests.

In Addition to our commitment towards excellence

At Ruslana Sytnyk, we are fully aware that using pellets as fuel has many advantages, which is why we work intensively on the quality of our products. We market wood pellets that meet European quality standards ENPlus A1 and Din+. Environmentally, it is a renewable source, but in addition, there are also financial advantages. If you have any questions about our product or the incentives available when using renewable fuels, contact one of our experts today.
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