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We cut the logs into lumber based on your specifications. Prior to cutting we will discuss various options with you, determine your needs and wants for the lumber, then analyse each log individually to give you the very best yield from your logs.

CJSC Galaniswood operate a heavy duty, industrial-grade Lumber sawmill in New Jersey and Lithuania with log capacities of up to 21 feet long and 36 inches in diameter.   This is NOT a typical back-yard sawmill! Be wary of hobbyists presenting themselves as professional sawyers - if they don't have the equipment to handle heavy logs (weights can exceed 3 tons in some cases) not only will you end up paying more in the long run due to inefficiencies, you will not get the most value from your logs.
 In addition to our heavy duty, industrial-grade mill, we can provide a strong skid-steer loader to lift, move, and position logs on the mill, and remove cut slabs/ lumber, saving considerable time and Advil!   We long-ago removed the hydraulic 'loader arms' from our mill due to the fact that they are slow, clumsy, and still require getting the log onto them either manually, or with machinery.  With our skid-steer loader and an experienced assistant, our cycle times and end-of-day production numbers are by far the best in the business.  Why our clients make 1.6x more profit by buying from us? Because we are helping them to save more and sell more. Quality Products sell more. Most of the sales are done via a third party delivery company or from catalog and good quality visualisations are extremely important. We can proudly say that our recall or damage rate is less than 0.5% when the industries standard is 10 times bigger – lies at 5%.  That saves a lot of time and money on customer service. You don’t need to deal with angry customers, and more likely your business will be referred to their friends and family. Your brand name will be much stronger and you will be able to charge premium prices. Our detailed assembly manuals are the best in the industry. The customers can follow them very easy and do not disturb you with strange or irrelevant questions. Custom models are very welcome. We are big enough to supply you several truck-loads of products each month, but also – small enough to listen to you and give you exactly what you need. Every customer is different and we understand that most of sellers are losing huge amount of profitable business because they are not able to provide custom models. We are in business since 2006 and at this time we have clients in most of the Europe, North America, Japan, and Australia. Most of our clients serves premium segment of the market and they trust their brands to be supplied by our products.  If you want to move your business to the next level – it’s time to do this now. Please call or email now! We are manufactures of European Lumber, and sells wood pellets, wood briquettes, firewood and wood chips.
We would like to point out that we have partnerships with almost all major biofuel buyers in Austria, and some of our sales are export-oriented.
We have trucks to handle distribution throughout Europe. Fast delivery to all European countries by Galaniswood cjsc.
The portal provides up-to-date information on fresh product availability, the latest technological achievements and future developments.
We do our best to ensure that our customers and visitors are fully informed and have clear answers to all questions about biomass, biofuels and bioenergy.
The main goal of the project is to support its customers in establishing new partnerships between future biofuel consumers and suppliers.

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A customer service support staff can follow you up while browsing the website. I present to follow you up while processing your payment and following your Packages traces.

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Best quality and total customer satisfaction are our primary goals. Benefit from made-to-order solutions, that exactly meet your needs. Convince yourself of our quality and our wide range of service offers

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According to clients' requests, GMM Holz GmbH can provide design and packaging services for our clients. Our team has made over 1000 private label projects in the last few years.

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